How does it work? - Treatment of Hepatitis C in Moldova

How does it work?

day 1

1. You arrive
in Republic of Moldova

2. We meet you at the airport and accompany to the hotel

3. You sign with us
the contract

day 2

1. We accompany you to the hepatologist which will consult you and prescribe the necessary medical tests
2. You hand over all the necessary tests prescribed by your doctor
3. We get the results of the tests and return to the hepatologist
6. We accompany you back to the hotel
5. According to the prescription, we purchase the necessary treatment in the pharmacy
4. The hepatologist gets acquainted with the results of your medical tests and prescribes you the necessary medication

day 3

1. We pick you up from the hotel and accompany you to the airport

2. We sign the Act of acceptance-delivery of services

3. We make sure you passed the passport control and successfully boarded the plane

day 4

1. You continue the treatment prescribed by the doctor at your home

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