Twinvir & Daclaget + Cuverol for the treatment of hepatitis C

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With 1, 4, 5 or 6 genotypes of hepatitis C, the most optimal choice would be the drug Twinvir. Tvinvir is a unique antiviral agent for the hepatitis C treatment.

The composition of Twinvir consists of two active components - Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir. The drug is taken orally once a day. Twinvir therapy is highly safe and does not cause any side effects. The drug is easily tolerated by patients of all ages.

The course of treatment with Twinvir takes only 12 weeks, and the effectiveness of the treatment reaches 98-99%.

The advantage of treatment being carried out with Twinvir is that you do not need to buy several drugs and control the reception of each of them, due to its composition, it replaces two medicines at the same time.

Twinvir (Софосбувир и Ледипасвир)
The drug composition:
Ledipasvir: 90 mg,
Sofosbuvir: 400 mg.
Incepta Pharmaceuticals
Daclaget & Cuverol (Софосбувир и Даклатасвир)
Getz Pharma
The drug composition:
Daclatasvir: 60 mg,
Sofosbuvir: 400 mg.

Daclaget™ + Cuverol™

The combination of Daclaget and Cuverol is used in treating all genotypes of hepatitis C. The composition of Cuverol includes the active substance Sofosbuvir. The composition of Daclaget includes the active component Daclatasvir. Both components are inhibitors and block the replication of viral RNA in the body.

This combination is highly effective and is indicated for the treatment of all genotypes of hepatitis C. Drugs are taken orally once a day, and the course of treatment is 12 weeks on average. The combination Daclaget + Cuverol is suitable even for patients with cirrhosis of the liver, therefore the duration of therapy increases up to 24 weeks.

The effectiveness of the drug treatment reaches up to 99%. Therapy with Daclaget and Cuverol causes almost no side effects and is easily tolerated by patients.

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